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After spending my teenage years racing, i've changed discipline to freestyle as theres so much more to learn and a good way to always keep pushing myself forwards. I also work for club vass in the summer seasons, teaching anything from beginner to advanced.I then travel through the winter months to places such as Dahab and Brazil for some training! I always try and have a 12 month summer! However I always end up slightly skint so end up returning to the uk for a couple of months to earn for a while. Just before last christmas, I went to Dahab,Vassilki,Brazil,and Dahab again! So as i have just returned from Vassilki,where i was working there for 6 months, im now getting ready to head to Dahab to work for the winter months...Happy days!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

3rd In The UK 2012 !!

Just got home from Weymouth UKWA witch was the final Round on the 2012 Freestyle tour. We had a slow start on saturday morning waiting for the wind but we all rigged our Biggest sails and the wind slowly came in for us, we managed to to single rounds in the morning witch I cam 2nd to Oscar in and then we took a lunch break then ran a full Single elimination, going through all my heats to the mens final again I had Oscar and just before the heat as the yellow one minute flag was flying it picked up and i managed to swap my boom from my 5,4 to my 4.7 and had a full power heat, landing all the moves I wanted to I Won the single Elimination whoop!
With Oscar Taking the overall victory for the day, myself 2nd and Nick Bentley 3rd. Meaning fellow team rider Oscar is 2012 Mens Pro Freestyle Champion!! At Just 16 years Old! Huge congratulations to him!! And Myself 3rd Overall for 2012 mens Freestyle! Photo's and video on the way.... Big Thank you to Nik Baker, Boardwise and globalshots for the 2012 season!

4.2 North Ice For Sale!

4.2 North Ice for Sale, 2011! Team edition! Amazing sail in amazing quality! Just £180 ! Please get in touch if you would like photos or more info, Rigs on a 370 or 400, adjustable head cap.

West Wittering UKWA

UKWA West Witterings! So On the 22nd and 23rd of September many Freestylers from across the UK meet up at West Witterings to freestyle on a famous freestyle spot called the 'Trench', Glass flat and windy! Day one and we had not too much wind so out came the jet ski again and the freestyle began, we had the trench for short while but as the tide came in it soon went and we were left with The tough conditions. There was about 8-10 knots and choppy messy sea, It was a challenge to just get towed let alone do a move, I manged to hold on for my first run and foolishly went for a one handed air funnel instead of playing it safely and crashed hard. My 2nd run went badly as I tripped my rail when I was getting towed and ate it pretty hard!
Day 2 and the forcast was much much better! It started light and we were beginning to wonder if it was going to happen or not then before we knew it we had all changed down twice and ended up on our 4.2 and 4.7's. The tide came up and we ended up sailing in wavy conditions, hitting ramps on broad reach was just amazing, big ponches,big shaka's! and I went though both my heats! leading me into the Mens Final against Bubble,Max and Oscar! Just before the final heat started the wind dropped and we all got equal First!

NWF !!

Night Windsurf Festival! / National Windsurf festival! On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 7th,8th and 9th of September Windsurfers from all over the UK met up on Hayling Island for one of the biggest windsurfing events on the calender. Its a great event to met up with everyone, get on the water whatever the conditions and have a party! We were also blessed with the sun witch obviously makes the whole thing a lot better than sitting around in vans in damp rigging jackets! Through out the day brands such as fanatic and north show of all there latest gear and let people take what ever they like out on the to test, try or simply have a nice time on! Along side all the brands there were many races, fun races, whacky races and freestyle competitions going on through out the day and I was entered the mens pro freestyle however we had no wind on the saturday so we did some qualification rounds behind the jet ski for the big show at night, 'The Night Tow in'. Here's a couple of shots from the day Time Tow in,
With Sam Ross as head judge and the likes of Max Rowe and Collin Dixon judging the day time comp I qualified for the night tow in. There was 6 of us in total that qualified, Myself, Oscar, Max, Phil,Bubble and Simsy! The Luck was on our side and as the sun dropped so did the wind, Giving us Mirror flat water to do our tricks on. Only When I went down to the beach just before we went out did Sam Ross say, '' Ric, your going first'' At this point the nervs kicked in knowing that not only did i have to get the sail up with eating it and get my feet in the strap in the dark but i had to do the opening move in front of a lot of people! i like to think in my head that it was around a 1000 people watching, could have been 500 or 1500 though it dint matter! As i Came round to do my move I knew exactly what move I was going for and that I was doing it two handed to play it safe and I landed it smoothly giving me a huge adrenaline rush hearing everyone clap and cheer! By the end some of the Guys were bouncing there moves into doubles and going big! The level truly went through the roof!