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After spending my teenage years racing, i've changed discipline to freestyle as theres so much more to learn and a good way to always keep pushing myself forwards. I also work for club vass in the summer seasons, teaching anything from beginner to advanced.I then travel through the winter months to places such as Dahab and Brazil for some training! I always try and have a 12 month summer! However I always end up slightly skint so end up returning to the uk for a couple of months to earn for a while. Just before last christmas, I went to Dahab,Vassilki,Brazil,and Dahab again! So as i have just returned from Vassilki,where i was working there for 6 months, im now getting ready to head to Dahab to work for the winter months...Happy days!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


So day 2 here at milos and the wind kicked in for 30 minutes, so i got my het done as it the 2nd heat of the day, had a good time on port, flaka, shaka, carna brava and a double flaka. spock 540 on starboard, then flamed a eslider by digging the nose in too hard then tried to finish the heat with a funnel but ran out of time. knocked out but all being we'll get all the single done and hopefully a double elimination tomorrow if the wind fills in and stays!


So its day 2 and the wind is looking much better than yesterday, nice and hot with a steady onshore slowly building. All being well we should get some heats done and I'll post again this evening!

Milos Efpt DAY


Day one at the Milos Beach Resort, Lefkada, Greece was a day off for everybody. In the morning hours race director Tom Hartmann introduced a fleet of 21 riders in the sailing procedure for the first event of the European Freestyle Pro Tour 2011. The sail storage hosted a come-together for a good mix of riders. Fresh face Erik Hakman (Starboard/ Gaastra) talked about his new love –powered-up air Flakas– Mattia Fabrizi (Fanatic/North Sails) explained the advantages of his new boom and German riders Tilo Eber (JP/NeilPryde) and Adrian Beholz reported about their new freestyle movement called „German Freestyle Battle“. Many Riders sweetened their stay with a Greek iced coffee from the Milos Beach Bar and listened to beats from the Red Bull soundwagon.

At about 5pm local time the sky darkened and brought a few gusts to the heat area. A small part of riders used this chance to pump in some sliding moves close to the rocky seaside. The first possible start was postponed several times. But, finally at 7pm race director Tom Hartmann called it a day. However, the action delivered by Yegor Popretinskiy (JP/NeilPryde), Mattia Fabrizi (Fanatic/North Sails), Adam Gavriel (Naish/Naish) Niklas Strahlen (RRD/Simmer Style) and Pantelis Pap gave an inspiring outlook for tomorrow, the second day of the Milos Beach Lefkada Open. The notice board says Skippers Meeting at noon and first possible start at 1pm.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


O yes the time really has come were i post a bloody video on my windsurfing site, i feel its appropriate for people to know what the unemployed get up to in their spare time, my plan is to juggle fire very soon! haha enjoy.

no need for any comments about been sad, i know...

5.3 for sale! be quick! im leaving the country on sunday!

5.3 North Ice 2010! For Sale! Amazing condition! £190 quid! Bargin!

This sail was my least used sail last so the monofilm is still in amazing condition, no repairs.
The sail is perfect for most conditions from freeride, freestyle and uk wave conditions!

The stickers can be removed before been posted or left on.

For any more info or photos please email me on Richardcleworth@hotmail.co.uk

Jay Haysey, also known as globalshots has a temp site up and running please take a moment of your time to have a look around it! www.globalshots.co.uk

Vass Handshake!

This was filmed on a friday night a the club vass bbq, the theme was bling bling if i remember rightly and the entertainment was gang wars!
good times!

VASS! The time has come!

Sweet !

Got my flights through! going to vass on sunday for the summer to have a lovely old time!

The centres have both had alot of treatment over the winter period and are looking nice a fresh with brandnew toys to play with!

At vass were having 2011 jp neil pryde kit and at club dahab there having full fanatic north!

Check out the new look on the new website! www.clubvass.com