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After spending my teenage years racing, i've changed discipline to freestyle as theres so much more to learn and a good way to always keep pushing myself forwards. I also work for club vass in the summer seasons, teaching anything from beginner to advanced.I then travel through the winter months to places such as Dahab and Brazil for some training! I always try and have a 12 month summer! However I always end up slightly skint so end up returning to the uk for a couple of months to earn for a while. Just before last christmas, I went to Dahab,Vassilki,Brazil,and Dahab again! So as i have just returned from Vassilki,where i was working there for 6 months, im now getting ready to head to Dahab to work for the winter months...Happy days!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New sails!

New sails thanks to boardwise and Nik baker,

From pink to green, now I have my quiver of green sails, and thanks to boardwise a set of stickers to match! This year Im using all Ice's, 4.2, 4.7 and 5.3

check them out!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dahab is blowing!

So since Tuesday we've had full power winds with today been a little bit lighter and the for cast is is sticking around!

I've mostly been using my 4.2 ICE and 90 skate but as today was lighter so I went on my new 5.3 ICE and the 100 litre skate, THIS BOARD IS AMAZING! I love the 90 however this board was so fast for 100 litres but yet very forgiving and easy to do any trick on! 

Here's a few shaka photos that sarah gaskell took yesterday on my 4.2 and 90 litre, plus a good shaka slam photo! 

Saturday, March 13, 2010


After 5 weeks in England, commuting to Liverpool hour and a half each way, from cheshire, doing slave labour on a building site I've managed to pay of all my debts from brazil,kit and family etc I've made it sunny Dahab with the boys.
Max and Ed have found a really pimp palace for us to live in, lounge, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom, plus its surrounded by its own walls so its nice n secure.
It's also just in the middle of town so its perfect spot to ! Cash back!

The wind isn't amazing but it's a lot nicer than spending my time carrying bricks on the site!
I've have about 5 sick sessions in the past two weeks in witch we did a russian freestyle comp witch was a lot of fun and meet some cool people! Here's some photo's from the comp also a write up from Max Rowe!

Write up on the freestyle comp!   --    http://maxrowe.blogspot.com/
Also although we've had a bad few days of no wind the for cast is enough to wet your pants about, check it out!

Expression DVD !! out soon! 

Here is a little preview/advert for the dvd!

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Brazil Video!

Please check out my latest freestyle video from Jeri! 

ther >>


Brazil,After working for 6 months in Vass, we treated ourselves to a 2 month trip to Jeri in brazil.
There was a huge crowd of us that headed out! Me, max, ed, jay, ollie, collin, barnaby, vivi, oscar and moll

We could all tell that it was goi
ng to be a sick trip we decided to splash out on a pimp
Collin and ollie had been last year so they already knew the owner who hooked us with a good deal and was a friend not a host. ledgend.

Out of the two months I was there  was on my 4.2 nearly everyday! i think I only went on my 4.7 once or twice and was regretting not been on my 4.2
 for sure! Happy days!

check out some photo's from general life in jeri, and some action shots!